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Random: Gas Station Conversations

Nancy and Shane are at a gas station, gassing up their car and chatting with the fuel operator.

Fuel guy: Did you know that your Jeep's gas tank isn't under the license plate?
Shane: Oh, it isn't? (rolling his eyes toward Nancy)
Fuel guy: Yeah, usually they are in the back. Did you see the Mustang in that movie, Gone In Sixty Seconds?
Shane: No, was it's tank in the back?
Fuel guy: No, why? Anyway, it was really sweet.
Nancy (to Shane): Shane, roll the window up now!

Shane: Fill it with regular.
Fuel Guy: You play soccer?
Shane: Yeah.
Fuel Guy: On a team?
Shane: Yes, an indoor team. You play?
Fuel Guy: Yeah, but not on a team.


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Gas Station Conversations