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List: 14 Warning Signs I Saw on the Highway in Mexico
  1. 1. Conserva su distancia (watch your distance)
    (alternate translation: except if you want to pass, then get as close as you like)
  2. Obdezca las señales (observe the signs)
    (alternate translation: try not to kill anyone)
  3. Respete las señales (respect the signs)
    (alternate translation: no, really, that's all we ask, just try not to kill anyone)
  4. Utilice cinturon de seguridad (wear your seatbelt)
    (alternate translation: if your old beaten-down pick-up has them, otherwise eh.)
  5. Maneje con precaucion (drive with care)
    (alternate translation: don't eat, drink and try to fix your shorted headlights while driving. Unless your tacos are getting cold.)
  6. No maneje cansado (don't drive tired)
    (alternate translation: but drunk is OK)
  7. Hombres trabajando (men working)
    (alternate translation: men working for nothing)
  8. Prepare su quota (prepare your toll fee)
    (alternate translation: and no laughing at the quality of the roads)
  9. Disminuya su velocidad (slow down)
    (alternate translation: except trucks, which should push it to the limit)
  10. No rebase (do not overtake)
    (alternate translation: overtake! overtake!)
  11. Topes (speedbumps)
    (alternate translation: pray to the Virgin for your car's undercarriage)
  12. Curva peligrosa (dangerous curve)
    (alternate translation: does your car have a parachute?)
  13. Un solo carril a 100m (one lane 100 meters ahead)
    (alternate translation: race the car next to you to get there first)
  14. Derrumbes (slow)
    (alternate translation: slow-ish)

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