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  • Touching the monkey
  • Puking for distance/accuracy
  • Ordering a round of shots for all the designated drivers
  • Eating a urinal cake and asking the bar maid why they aren't on the menu
  • Filming your docu-drama 'Stretch marked Men Gone Wild’'
  • Asking everyone woman in the bar if their shirt reads 'buck a suck' on it
  • Not washing the donkey before you bring it in the bar
  • Feed a $5 spot into the jukebox to play Milli Vanilli's 'Girl you know it’s true' 34 times in a row
  • Act out the light saber duel between Darth Vader and Obi Won with house pool cues
  • Scream from the bathroom stall 'It burns, it burns, make the brown water stop!’'
  • Two words – Banana Hammock
  • Making duck fart sounds with your armpits each time you're at the Karaoke mic.
  • Regaling the bartender with every "guy walks into a bar" joke you've ever heard.
  • Insisting that ALL of the strippers gather round to see you make your P!(#$& talk.



Getting Bounced by Kevin Costner
by Kent Lewis


Bouncing to a Different Drum
by Tom Williams


Watching the Ball Bounce
by Dario Bollacasa

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