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  The Evolution of Reality-dating Shows: Why We Love to Hate Them
by Jenn Lackey
When millionaires meet the folks
  Dollar Dayz: The Evolution Of Consumerism
by Kent Lewis and Greg Coyle
Money does, in fact, grow on trees

HTML on the Bathroom Wall: The Evolution of Where to Surf for a Good Time
by Colby Phillips
For a good time, run DOS

  Crank Calls to Darwin or a Modern Addendum to "On the Origin of Species"
by Greg Coyle
When nature calls, hang up
by S. Colby Phillips
Chicks and Clicks
  Anvil Logo Evolution
Reliving 18 years of design evolution
  Cool Stuff Evolution Took Away That We Want Back
  Uncool Stuff Evolution Has Yet To Take Back That We Wish It Would

Caught on Tape: Anvil Gone Wild!
by Kent Lewis

Since its inception in 1996, Anvil has strived to provide content that is innovative and insightful, and, every once in awhile let’s hope, funny. Historically, much of this has come in the form of the written word, photographic images and Flash animations. While we’re still waiting for due respect from the Pulitzer board, we will continue to evolve the publication. I believe the latest addition to the Anvil repertoire will elevate us to an entirely new journalistic and artistic level. If our readers don’t agree, there are always our porn and online gaming ventures to fall back on.

With the help of WiredWomenWeb, Anvil has officially entered the digital video age. It had been one of the few media we’d yet to utilize, but thanks to theright connections we were able to expand our creative capacity to 30 frames-per-second. While it’s our first foray, we’re excited to produce more video pieces on a regular basis moving forward.

But I digress. Let’s first take a step back in time to the 60s and 70s, when you had to actually get off the sofa to change a channel. Star reporter Jenn Lackey reflects on The Evolution of Reality-dating Shows. This insightful piece is perfect for every Joe Millionaire.

Flash forward to mid-January 2003. Three Anvilites descend on a Dollar Tree store to interview employees and shoppers. Looking for an easy laugh and a few insights, we learned much more than we bargained for.

On the lighter side, veteran writer Colby Phillips outlines the evolution of bathroom graffiti. The writing was on the wall. In a similar vein, Greg Coyle takes valuable time out of his day to call Charles Darwin to ask a few of nature’s most puzzling questions. It’s off the hook.

By definition, classics are never out of style. Such is the case with Chicks and Clicks by Colby Phillips, which explores the role pornography has had in the evolution of modern media and commerce. Speaking of classics, Anvil’s logo has been through an evolution of its own over the past 18 years.

For those of you with a short attention span, we’ve put together two lists that may interest you:

Cool Stuff Evolution Took Away That We Want Back and Uncool Stuff Evolution Has Yet To Take Back That We Wish It Would. Are you listening, Mr. Darwin?

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the gallery for our first video experiment. It’s the future, don’t you know.