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List: Least Popular Fad Diets

• 30-Raw Eggs and Carnival Rides Diet
• Oyster & Raisin Diet
• John Goodman's Get Slim Like Me Diet
• The Water and Cheesecloth Kate Moss Diet
• Oprah Roller Coaster Diet
• The Jeffrey Dahmer Low Carb Diet
• Dr. Kevorkian's 1 Way to a Slimmer You Diet
• The Late Night in China Town Diet
• Jack Daniels Liquid Diet
• The Jersey Shore Diet
• Mama Cass' Ham Sandwich Diet
• The Hale Bop Comet Sleepy Sleep Diet



Two Wheelin'
by Kent Lewis


Less than an Ounce of Courage
by Joel Gunz


Twelve Ounces of Honesty from a Meat Eating Man
by Peter Frick-Wright

  An Ounce of Soup
by Tom Williams
  Be Kind to Your Hips
by Dario Bollacasa
  Weighing in on Measurement
by Mike Terry
  Poetry: Hotel Death
by Francesca French
  Least Popular Fad Diets
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