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Failed Hybrid Slogans:

  • Doesn’t go as fast, costs more, but gee whiz!
  • Feeling guilty for buying that Humvee?
  • Your wife said it’s this or a minivan…
  • At least they won’t hear you coming.
  • The only oil you need is for your jerry curl.
  • ALL the metrosexuals have one
  • Just like Beano: less gas!
  • Less filling, even if it doesn’t taste great
  • Just wait until they come out with the high performance batteries
  • Reduce emissions, and self esteem at NASCAR events



Signs You'll Soon Be Taking the Bus
By Greg Coyle

An Automotive Validation of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolutionary


Stylus Envy by Kent Lewis
There's more than one way to get rosy palms

  Biodiesel: The Alternative Fuel Revolution by Jenn Lackey
  Take a road trip the energy efficient way

Failed Hybrid Slogans

Top Ten Reasons to Walk