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Top Ten Reasons To Walk:

  • Mom grounded you for stealing her smokes
  • Bus 17 is always late
  • Need to amortize $200 for new Air Jordans
  • Bicycles are technology too, Luddite!
  • Cadillac in the shop getting 24” spinners
  • Kicked out of carpool for snoring too loud
  • Who ever gets a W.U.I.?
  • It's hard to authentically recite "Singin' In the Rain" while driving an S.U.V.
  • Skateboarding IS a crime.
  • Difficult to justify driving to the home office in the basement



Signs You'll Soon Be Taking the Bus
By Greg Coyle

An Automotive Validation of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolutionary


Stylus Envy by Kent Lewis
There's more than one way to get rosy palms

  Biodiesel: The Alternative Fuel Revolution by Jenn Lackey
  Take a road trip the energy efficient way

Failed Hybrid Slogans

Top Ten Reasons to Walk