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List: Least Effective Pickup Lines

  • Whattya say you & I go swap spit behind the 7-11?
  • Ever been to a Turkish prison?
  • I learned so much from reading Ted Bundy’s biography
  • Is that a half package of Certs in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
  • Are you familiar with 20 sided dice?
  • Can I give you a Vulcan mind probe?
  • My mom doesn’t like guests in my room but do you want to sleep over?
  • Do you ever get the beer runs?
  • I just loved ‘Brokeback Mountatin’
  • Hey baby, Jerod from Subway is a friend of mine
  • Do you want to see my Weeble Wobble collection?
  • I love Hobbits, don’t you?
  • My parole officer says I’m ready for a relationship
  • And you thought your baby was thirsty!
  • My invisible friend Eddie really likes you
  • Hi, I’m Tom Cruise, nice to meet you



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