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Parker Brothers Rejected Board Game Ideas

  • Iraq, You Rack Limited edition pocket billiards
  • Landfill Interactive scratch n' sniff adventure
  • My SARS! The mystery game everyone is dying to play
  • Project HUD – build interracial communities while constructing low cost housing on old cemeteries, in former shopping malls, on EPA superfund sites and on fault lines!
  • Dominos Now with edible sausage and pepperoni tiles
  • The Librarian Learn to utilize the Dewey Decimal System in your own home
  • Twister Junior Father McDonnell’s Super Sleepover Edition
  • Non-trivial Pursuit The new edition addressing heavy topics we know very little about and care even less about
  • Cult! Create your own religious following and watch it unravel
  • Cult 2! – Special ATF Assault issue and polygamy add-on deck
  • FeceLand Science Quest – All the sights and sounds of the toilet, without the danger (includes Dr. Pee-U’s super science gloves)