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Best Excuses to Avoid Gardening:

  • Concrete lawn doesn’t require much water or weeding
  • Only got 37 Burpee catalogues this year
  • Hay fever in family bloodline
  • What? And get rid of the '73 Impala? On cinder blocks?
  • Save the environment while extending the life of your lawnmower: don’t water
  • Don’t like the looks of that rhododendron bush
  • I have to support the NHL strike in my own way
  • Can't see the lawn for all the beer cans
  • Tired of changing fluorescent tubes and looking for wiretaps
  • Garden Weasel isn't the same after I got it "fixed"
  • I refuse to kill anything, especially Aphids
  • Damn terra cotta gnomes eat the strawberries when I'm not looking
  • Waiting for Monsanto to create a genetically altered Hefeweizen tomato
  • Used the last of the chicken wire to build a playpen





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Best Excuses to Avoid Gardening

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