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050198: Multimedia

Multimedia. It's the catchphrase of the 90's. But what is it? In this case, we're not referring to a group of reporters or where artwork is created, rather we're talking about electronic media. Most of us have a basic idea of what electronic media means today: audio and video in some sort of combined presentation. In the days before the Web, multimedia was confined to CD-ROMs and video games. With the advancement of bandwidth, standards and technologies, multimedia has exploded on the Web, from interactive games to banner advertising. In this issue of Anvil, we will explore the many facets of modern multimedia.

Multimedia - Do I Give a Darn?
-By Sonia Harrison

Poor Design Threatens Multimedia Acceptance
-By Bill Warner

Words Aren't Cheap: They're Priceless
-By David Smith

Producing Multimedia:
Basics with a Five-Block Foundation
-By Jeffrey Lewis

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