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10 Ways To Freak Out Your Coworkers:

  • Fill up a water bottle at the cooler, dump it in the toilet, repeat 10 times
  • Staple your next presentation on all four sides before handing it out
  • Give each of your coworkers a nickname starting with the letter "T"
  • Every time someone enters your office, pick up the phone and start mumbling about negative test results
  • Bring in donuts for the entire office, but take a bite out of each one first
  • In staff meetings, keep busy cutting the eyes out of magazine ads
  • Consult with Magic 8 Ball before contributing to team decisions
  • Bark at the first person that enters the office every morning
  • Wear Marilyn Manson contacts all day, every day.
  • Take boss into stairwell and ask, "Have the police come by to ask about me?"



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10 Ways To Freak Out Your Coworkers

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