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List: Least Popular Content in Playboy Magazine

  • Playmate of the Month: Dr. Ruth
  • Feature Article: How to remain a virgin while living with the parents
  • Pictorial: Match the implant with the malpractice suit
  • Chance Meetings: At the Truck Stop
  • Letters To The Editor: Laser pointer fun with my next door neighbor Ashley
  • Fashion: Parachute Pants Triumphant Return
  • Interview: 20 Questions with The Sandwich Artist
  • Pictorial: Carnies Gone Wild!
  • Ask The Doc: Female Flatulence, Fact of Fiction?
  • Column: Ask Condoleezza
  • Techno Face-off: Beta vs. VHS Revisited
  • Pictoral: The Women of Arby’s
  • Expert Opinion: What Women Think


  Anvil Turns Ten
by Kent Lewis

I'm Truly Interested in the Content of Your Pants
by Peter Frick-Wright

Sacking Constantinople and Filling the Bucket
by Dario Bollacasa

Being Content is King
by Tom Williams

  Least Popular Content in Playboy Magazine
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