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The Game: Pornuary


# of players: 2 and up
Ages: Fun for all ages!


  • Dice
  • A timer
  • Any gameboard from another game; it must be made of up of spaces and include a beginning and an end (e.g., Candyland, Pictionary, Mr. Belvedere: The Game).
  • Ten (10) scraps of paper for each player
  • Pens or pencils.
  • One hat, bowl or discarded hubcap

Rules: Leave your good taste, breeding and religious sense of moral, upright behavior at the door. You won’t need them here.

Step One: Form teams of two. If there are only two of you, well, play with each other.

Step Two: Every player write down the title of one movie on each of the slips of paper. Book and TV show titles can also be used.

Step Three: Put all the paper in slips in the chosen hat or bowl. (A pair of Funderwear has also been known to work.)

Step Four: Roll to see who will go first. The team that gets "the nipples" (two) goes first.

Step Five: One team member elects to give, the other, receive. The timer is set for one minute. The giver draws a slip of paper from the hat or bowl and reads the title, say, "The Bourne Identity." The receiver must create an "adult" version of that title, say, "The Boner Identity." Once an X-rated title has been offered, the giver selects another slip from the hat or bowl. The objective is to create as many porn titles in one minute as possible.

Step Six: Move your playing piece forward the same number of spaces as the number of titles created. Keep in mind, this game is about having fun with creativity, so don’t be too judgmental. Give the receiver a little credit for less-then-appealing titles, such as, "Six Dames and Seven Nights." Once the receiver is stumped (if that’s actually possible), the giver and receiver switch places, allowing each person the opportunity to advance along the board.

So, in the interest of getting you in the mood, the staff at Anvil has compiled a short list of some winning movie titles taken from games we’ve played:

  • A-cock-in-her-lips Now
  • Pump Friction
  • Glad-he-ate-her
  • Black Cock Down
  • Lawrence of Her Labia
  • Bend Her
  • Who’s Eating Gilbert’s Grape?
  • Close Encounters of the Threesome Kind
  • Malcum Sex
  • Three Men and a Lady
  • Minority Escort
  • A Beautiful Behind