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Rejected Slogans for The National Rifle Association

  • It’s not the gun that kills people, it’s the jackass pulling the trigger
  • Where every night is hard liquor and handgun night!
  • Got ammo?
  • Sure, we’ll put down our guns, if you can pry them from our "cold, dead hands"
  • Hey, it's good enough for Moses
  • Defending the right to bare arms (so long as the holster is concealed from view)
  • We put the "Dirty" in Dirty Harry
  • Striking fear into beer cans and squirrels since 1871
  • Because Al Qaeda isn’t just the name of your favorite NASCAR announcer
  • Putting "fully automatic" back into big game hunting
  • Who says we're right-wing wackos? No, really, who says?
  • Just shoot it!
  • The size of your gun has NOTHING to do with the size of your anatomy
  • Where all weapons are created equal
  • Because knifes don't kill good enough



Paying the Ultimate Price:
Fallout from the Dot Com Boom

by Kent Lewis


Flip-Flops: Blown Away in Cambodia
by Chris Parkhurst


An excerpt from "Alas, Poor Country," a novel about faith and fortune

by Greg Coyle

  Boom Boom - On Come the Neon Lights
by Joel Gunz

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by Franny French


Rejected Slogans for The National Rifle Association

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