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List: Most Improbable Joke Lead-ins

  • Two rabbis are eating pork sandwiches and one says to the other…
  • What is red, slimy and has 150 IQ?
  • An elephant, magician and black man are riding in a taxi…
  • What's the difference between a terrorist and bowl of tapioca pudding?
  • How many quadriplegics does it take to screw in a light bulb?
  • Why did the traffic cop cross the road?
  • So Jesus is ice skating…
  • Four gay men are watching a Larry The Cable Guy Comedy Special when…
  • Two Catholics are having sex when the condom breaks…
  • Bush and Cheney are driving along in a Prius when all of a sudden…
  • A vegan walks into McDonald's and asks
  • Three blonde woman attending their regular MENSA meeting…
  • Two yogis get into a fight…
  • A Priest, Muslim and Buddhist are at a strip bar…
  • What do you get when you cross a Mormon with Lance Armstrong?
  • Anne Coulter and Ted Kennedy are having sex…


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  Most Improbable Joke Lead-ins
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