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A Banner Year For Advertising
by Kent Lewis
Understand what banner ads can’t do for you and why

DotComedy: Courting Customers Via Email
by Kent Lewis
Letting technology get in the way of your relationship can be a deal breaker

Top 5: Viral Marketing Efforts
by Kent Lewis
A recap of the best and worst of viral efforts as seen in email near you

Truly Viral: Extending Your Brand Via Newsgroups
by Kent Lewis
You’ve never seen a niche community like this. Here’s what you can do about it

E-mail (aka Evil Mail)
by Kent Lewis
Where has the water cooler gone?

Top Ten: Tchotchke Watch
by Kent Lewis
Looking for the best freebies around? Are those battery-powered socks?

Customer Support: Emails From The Edge
by Edward Fishe
Squeezing the Chamin and fun in Hollywood

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