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by Kent Lewis

My wife and son recently took a trip back East to visit family. Initially, I reveled in the freedom (seeing movies, hitting the bars and the gym). Once my system processed the alcohol and lactic acid, I soon found myself missing my family. While on the exercise bike at the gym one morning, I began reflecting on the amazing and wonderful path my life has taken in the past few years (including the additions of a daughter, wife and son). I realized that my life had changed significantly since my first issue of Anvil in October 1996, and that further change was required if I wanted to maintain a healthy balance in my life.

Since those first issues, Anvil's mission has been to educate and entertain. In the early years, education was the primary focus due to a dearth of Internet marketing information and resources. As the publication evolved from a weekly email to a monthly ezine in 2001, the pendulum swung towards an entertainment focus, where it has remained.

My reasons for continuing to write and produce Anvil have changed over the years as well. Now that I've got my own family and business, time is a scarce commodity. As is the case with most adults, my priorities have changed and I've restructured my professional life to make room for personal life. Unfortunately, there are a few casualties, and Anvil is among them.

Anvil has gone on hiatus twice in the past 10 years for professional reasons. This time, however, it's personal. While I hope to re-evaluate and retool Anvil down the road, I have no timeline or goal in mind. Until I figure out what the next iteration of Anvil will be, I want to give thanks to the dozens of contributors and share some of Anvil's greatest hits.

With over 10 years of content, the task of determining the best articles of all time is daunting, if not impossible. While the articles on the right are some of the best I've read, there are simply too many talented writers and works to single them all out. With that said, I've provided a short list of articles and contributors (below and in the right hand column) that have garnered positive comments from readers from around the world:

The following people also contributed their significant talents in copywriting, editing, design, and strategery to make Anvil possible: David Lytle, David Volk, Chris Olsen, Ryan Wilson, Montana Dove Wojczuk, Chris Parkhurst, Amanda Rust, Jeff Gores, Tracy Chapman, Isaac Szymanczyk, Ben Lloyd, Bill Warner, David Smith and Michael Pearo, Ethan Coyle, Katherine Gray, Stacy Westbrook, Lara Cuddy, Bob Comfort, Jeffrey Thomas, David Lewis, Sandra Lewis, Erica Lewis, Tweak Interactive and eROI.

Thank you to all who contributed and all who read  Anvil over the years. I encourage you to explore our archives and search engine to locate articles by topic or author. I will be sure to notify you when we have any news about Anvil's next life. Until then, hammer onward.


by Kent Lewis

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