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List: Least Viable Reasons to Put Anvil on Hiatus

  • Sorting through piles and piles of fan mail gave me a bad case of letter-opening elbow
  • Had an opportunity to save up to 20 percent on my car insurance
  • Needed more time to complete acquisition talks with The Onion
  • Addiction to venti decaf non-fat mochas made writing difficult
  • Wife didn't appreciate the frequent marriage proposals from adoring readers
  • Now able to take the family on a vacation in blogosphere
  • Refused to write a formal apology to the White House for recent Bush article
  • Threat of legal action from Quixtar just too much to bear
  • Needed more time to rewind CD and MP3 collection
  • Discovered that drinking like Hemingway didn't mean I could write like Hemingway
  • Needed to re-tool Anvil for Second Life
  • Finally admitted to myself that the terrorists have won


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Least Viable Reasons to Put Anvil on Hiatus

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