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December 2002
A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 31st birthday with friends and family at a new restaurant/bar in Seattle. While I’m primarily a beer enthusiast, I do enjoy a fashionable and satisfying mixed drink once and awhile. Feeling that my birthday merited such an occasion, I took the liberty to order a Mojito. The minty-rum drink is nice and smooth, but left me yearning for something more. That’s exactly what I got.

November 2002
Four years ago, I made my first visit to the East Coast for a client meeting. I’d never been to our nation’s capital and I was so excited I decided to make the trip into mini-vacation. I was in D.C. for 3 days and managed to see a few museums and a number of monumental homage’s to our Founding Fathers. When it came time to fly home, I elected to fly out of Baltimore to save a few bucks. In reflection, that decision could have killed me.

October 2002
I’m a bit baffled by the increasing popularity of “reality-based” television shows. Is it the rush generated by a voyeuristic peek into famous (or unknown) people’s lives? Perhaps a form of escapism? I tend to be more cynical in my belief that those watching these shows are Grade A masochists. If my theorem is correct, the world is full of pain-loving people.

September 2002
Two weeks ago, an older man rang my doorbell at 10 p.m. It was a particularly warm night, so the screen door was open and I could see from a distance that he had something in his hands that resembled a weapon. Had he been younger, I would have approached with due caution (and my five wood), but he seemed harmless enough.

August 2002
While we at Anvil prefer a good one-liner over robust political discourse, there comes a time when we feel the need to do our civic duty. I've decided that this is such a time.

July 2002
We all know sex sells, but it also pays, very well. The Internet just happens to be the most prolific medium for smut, thanks to its cost-effective reach and ease of commerce. Many enterprising individuals have made a mint developing e-commerce sex-related Web sites. We all know why sex has such a lure: It's in our DNA.

June 2002
I'll never forget my first "pocket-sized" electronic game. I didn't play football as a kid, but on the dark maroon screen with flashing red lights, I was Lynn Swan. While the game could only fit in cargo pants-sized pockets, it was still a revolutionary new concept and a desirable toy for road trips and recess. For this I thank "Q."

May 2002
Spiradon "Spin" Nicon was always a popular guy in high school. The ladies adored him and the guys respected him. He had a knack for always being in the right place at the right time, and like the shark, had no natural enemies. He was, of course, Prom King and class president senior year. But that wasn’t what made him so special...

April 2002
I can’t stand it anymore. The questions, the accusations, the paternity suits. It’s time to clear the air and tell the real story behind Anvil. It’s a long, rocky, itchy, exciting, drunken and occasionally amusing tale, but one worth telling. For the April issue, the Anvil staff has put in late nights to help create a detailed account of Anvil’s evolution worthy of a PBS airing. So sit back, relax and get the inside scoop on your favorite ezine.

March 2002
A few years ago, I was on my way to Mt. Bachelor for a day of powder skiing with the family, when our car hit a patch of ice. We skidded off the road at 50 mph, smashed through a fence and rolled over once or twice before coming to a rest upside down.

February 2002
When was the last time someone took a liking to you? I recall a painful, nearly completely repressed memory of Kim Preston taking a shine to me in seventh grade. My friends told me she thought I was cute. That sent me into a tizzy for two days. When I finally mustered the courage to write her a note and hand it over in the lunchroom admitting interest, I was countered with a very public, very crushing, “It was just a joke, I was just kidding.” I didn’t ask anyone else on a date for five long years.

January 2002
I’ve never been all that strong when it comes to the inner-workings of the English language. While some say I have a certain level of competence in my writing, the truth is I can’t tell the difference among nouns, verbs or adjectives without reciting appropriate verses from School House Rocks.

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